Welcome to Birley Place! Our Virtual Community

Birley Place is a virtual community where you will explore the complexity of health, education, and social wellbeing from your disciplinary perspective, by meeting our residents, their families and social networks.

Welcome to Birley Place!

Birley Place is a teaching and learning tool

Birley Place provides learners with a data informed socio-economic context to enrich realistic interactive scenarios. This supports a sustainable approach to personal and professional development across a range of areas.

Congratulations to the Birley Place team whose collaborative work has been recognised by AdvanceHE with a CATE award. 

This video introduces Birley Place

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Blended Learning

Enables a combination of virtual and face to face activities.

Illustrated icon for scenario based learning

Realistic Cases

Co-produced with people who use services.

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Group & Independent

Enables flexible approaches to learning and teaching.

Delivering Virtual Placements

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